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Air pollution and its relations to climate change and sustainable development - Linking immediate needs with long term challanges "Saltsjöbaden 3"

12-14 March 2007, Gothenburg, Sweden

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The importance of Non-Technical Measures for reductions in emissions of air pollutants and how to consider them in Integrated Assessment Modelling - A Workshop in collaboration with the UN/ECE Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling

7-9 December 2005, Göteborg, Sweden

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Towards Robust European Air Pollution Policies:

Constraints and Prospects for a wider dialogue between scientists, experts, decision-makers and citizens

Göteborg, October 5-7, 2005

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Workshop on Review and Assessment of European Air Pollution Policies,

Gothenburg Sweden, 25-27 October 2004

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Emissions, transport, deposition and effects of base cations in relation to acidification,

Gothenburg Sweden November 2003

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Workshop on the Second Particulate Matter Position Paper Stockholm Sweden October 2003






Workshop and Task Force Meeting of the ICP Modelling and Mapping

19-23 May 2003, Tartu, Estonia

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Workshop on a Communication Strategy for the Convention on Long- Range Transboundary Air Pollution

9-11 April 2003, London, United Kingdom

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Task Force on Measurements and Modelling

9-11 April 2003, Valencia, Spain

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Establishing Ozone Critical Levels II,

Gothenburg Sweden November 2002

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1st International Workshop on Validation and Evaluation of Air Emission Inventories,

Gothenburg Sweden October 2002

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