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12-14 Marsch 2007, Gothenburg, Sweden


Workshop on Air pollution and its relations to climate change and sustainable development - Linking immediate needs with long term challanges, The "Saltsjöbaden 3"

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10 november, Göteborg University, Sweden.

Marin Letell will be defending his doctoral thesis. 

Title: Governable Air - Studies on the Science and Poltics of Air Pollution in Europe

Opponent: Andrew Barry, University of Oxford

Place: Hörsal Sappören, Sprängkullsgatan 25, Göteborg

Time: 13.15, Friday 2006-11-10

Contact: martin.letell@sts.gu.se 

7-9 December 2005, Göteborg, Sweden

The importance of Non-Technical Measures for reductions in emissions of air pollutants and how to consider them in Integrated Assessment Modelling - A Workshop in collaboration with the UN/ECE Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling

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5-7 October 2005, Göteborg, Sweden

Towards Robust European Air Pollution Policies:

Constraints and Prospects for a wider dialogue between scientists, experts, decision-makers and citizens

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9 September 2005 at 13:15, on , Lecture hall B, Physics Department, Lund University, Professorsgatan 1, Lund, Sweden.

Adam Kristensson will be defending his doctoral thesis. Title: "Aerosol Particle Sources Affecting the Swedish Air Quality at Urban and Rural Level"

Supervisor: Prof. Erik Swietlicki, Lund University.

Opponent: Dr. Wolfram Birmili, IFT, Leipzig, Germany.


June 15-17 2005, Göteborg, Sweden 

7th Nordic Environmental Social Sciense research conference (7th NESS)

More information on: http://www.7thness.org.gu.se 

12-17 June 2005, Prague, Czech Republic

7th International Conference on Acid Deposition

For more information please visit: www.acidrain2005.cz

4 May 2005, Lund, Sweden


Cecilia Akselsson defends her Doctoral Thesis: "Regional nutrient budgets in forest soils in a policy perspective"

4 May 13:15 in Stora hörsalen, Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum (IKDC), Sölvegatan 26, Lund. Opponent: Martin Forsius, Finnish Environment Institute

25-27 October 2004, Gothenburg, Sweden


Worskshop on Review and Assessment of European Air Pollution Policies

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30 April 2004, Lund, Sweden

Liisa Martinsson will defend her Doctoral Thesis: Recovery from acidification - policy oriented dynamic modeling.

30 April 10.15 in Hörsal 111, Geocentrum 1, Sölvegatan 10 in Lund. Opponent: Jack Cosby