The importance of Non-Technical Measures for reductions in emissions of air pollutants

and how to consider them in Integrated Assessment Modelling

A Workshop in collaboration with the UN/ECE Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling

7-8 December 2005, Göteborg, Sweden

Organised by the Swedish ASTA programme




Opening session

Keynote speech and Background paper (pdf)

Rob Maas

Session 1: Estimates of the potential and cost of possible measures in the transport sector

The importance of non-technical measures in the transport sector for the UN-ECE emission reduction polices (pdf)

Karl-Heinz Zierock, Umweltsbundesamt Germany

Speed limits for Dutch motorways (pdf)

Corjan Brink, MNP

Congestion Charging in Central London (pdf)

Charles Buckingham, UK

The case of Berlin

Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin

The effect of better fuel and low sailing speed on ship emissions

Jürgen Isensee, Germany

Session 2: Estimates of the potential and cost of possible measures in the energy sector


Markus Amann, IIASA

Energy efficiency potential in buildings

Egil Övferholm, STEM

NTM's gives synergies in emission reduction - a four step example

Bo Ryden and Thomas Unger, PROFU

Reducing emissions from small combustion installations - the cost-effective of preventative measures for plant

Mike Woodfield, AEA Technology

Session 3: Estimates of the potential and cost of possible measures in agriculture sector

Non-technical abatement measures for agricultural emissions

Corjan Brink, MNP

A broader view of controlling ammonia

ApSimon, Imperial College UK

Danish examples of effects and costs of measures in the agricultural sector

Jesper Bak, DMU

Session 4:1: How to treat Non-technical measures in IAM

The NTM concept

Catarina Sternhufvud, IVL

Meta-analysis: the cases of the agricultural, energy and marine sectors

Mohammed Belhaj, IVL

The findings of the RAINS review on the incorporation of NTM in IAM

Mike Woodfield, AEA Technology

Including structural changes into IAM: some ideas and possible implications

Simone Schucht, INERIS

Session 4:2: How to treat Non-technical measures in IAM

Incorporating NT-measures in IAMs based on the MERLIN work

Stefan Reis, University of Stuttgart

The potential for use of alternative scenarios for implementation of NTM in IAM

Mark Barrett, UK

Alternative scenarios

Kristin Rypdal, Cicero

The GAINS model- State of play

Markus Amann, IIASA




Air pollution strategies developed within the framework of CLRTAP and EU are mainly based on technical measures for which the potential and costs often can be estimated and used in Integrated Assessment Modelling. More recently Non-Technical Measures (NTM) have been put forward as a complement to technical measures in future air pollution strategies. Especially since such measures are assumed to play an important role in strategies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These may become more important in the future when there will be parallel measures on both GHG and traditional pollutants.

The potential and cost to implement NTM are in many cases difficult to estimate and they have only to a small extent been included in integrated assessment models. In the RAINS model NTM have not been considered for calculations on air pollution but an effort has been made to implement them in the greenhouse gases model GAINS. Since it is assumed that they will play a more important role in the future, there is a need to better understand the potentials and to discuss possibilities to include them in integrated assessment models and in air pollution strategies.

IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, intends to organise a workshop about NTM, financed by the ASTA programme. The main topic of the workshop will be to answer the question "Are Non-Technical Measures of any importance to air pollution reductions and how to consider them in policy development?" The workshop will take place in connection to the next TFIAM meeting, and will be held in Göteborg, Sweden, 7-9 of December 2005.


Sessions of the workshop

The workshop will be separated into three sessions:

1. General studies of NTM and structural changes, which will include discussion about the definition of Non-technical measures, cost estimates and how NTM are connected to market based instruments.

2. Identify possible measures on regional and local scale - estimates of their potential and costs.

3. How to treat Non-technical measures in IAM?


Organisation of the workshop

The workshop starts on Wednesday the 7th of December at 10.00 and finish on Friday the 9th of December 2005. The workshop will be held at Novotel, in Göteborg, and room reservation can be done at +46 (0)31 720 22 20 or via mail: Please refer to reservation number 12593 to receive special rates (about € 135 per night including breakfast). An alternative place to stay is at Spar Hotell Majorna (+46 (0)31 751 07 00), for about € 85 per night including breakfast, which is situated about 15 minutes walk from Novotel. Please refer to reservation number 38 99 40.



Final registration should be made before November 1, 2005.

Please send the registration form by e-mail to Catarina Sternhufvud or by fax +46-31-725 62 90.



If you are interested to contribute to this workshop please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!



If you have any queries please contact Catarina Sternhufvud.


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