Doctoral Thesis Proceedings

Doctoral Thesis

Phase II Theme Area/Phase I sub- programme

Theme2 Letell, M. 2006. Governable Air - Studies on the Science and Poltics of Air Pollution in Europe, Göteborg University.

ThemeKristensson, A. 2005. Aerosol Particle Sources Affecting the Swedish Air Quality at Urban and Rural Level, Doctoral Thesis, Nuclear Physics, Lund University, Read abstract» 

Theme1 Akselsson, C. 2005. Regional nutrient budgets in forest soils in a policy perspective, Doctoral Thesis, Department of chemical engineering, Lund University, ISBN 91-7422-076-4 

Theme1 (C4) Tunved, P. 2004. On the lyfecycle of aerosol particles: Sources and dispersion over Scandinavia, Doctoral Thesis, Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, ISBN 91-628-6214-6

Theme1 (C1) Martinson, L. 2004. Recovery from acidification - policy oriented dynamic modeling, Doctoral Thesis, Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University, ISSN 1104-2877 ISBN 91-628-6016-X

Theme1 (C3) Pihl Karlsson, G. 2003. Clover as a bioindicator for phytotoxic ozone. Doctoral Thesis Göteborg University, Department of Applied Environmental Science. ISBN 91-88376-18-4.

Theme1 (C3) Danielsson, H. 2003. Exposure, Uptake and Effects of Ozone. Doctoral Thesis Göteborg University, Department of Applied Environmental Science. ISBN 91-88376-19-2.

Theme1 (C2) Persson, J. 2003 Organic Nitrogen Uptake by Boreal Forest Plants. Doctoral thesis Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology. Silvestria 265. ISBN 91-576-6349-1.

C2 Strengbom, J. 2002. Nitrogen, parasites and plants - key interactions in boreal forest ecosystems. Doctoral Thesis Umeå University Department of Ecology and Environmental Science. ISBN 91-7305-153-5.

C1 Moldan, F.M. 1999. Reversal of Soil and Water Acidification in SW Sweden, Simulating the Recovery Process. Doctoral Thesis Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, Silvestria 117, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Ecology. ISSN 1401-6230, ISBN 91-576-5851-X.


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