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The first four years of ASTA, 1998-2002, have been very successful. The evaluation of the first phase showed that ASTA has produced high quality science and influenced the international policy work significantly.

ASTA has entered the second phase, 2003-2006, with ambitions to continue the work with providing good scientific results for the support of the development of both national and international strategies. These four years to come will also include more integrated work between natural, social and economic sciences.



ASTA is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research - MISTRA




MISTRA in brief - Research with practical benefits


The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research - Mistra - supports research of strategic importance for a good living environment and sustainable development.

It invests in research groups who, working alongside users, are able to contribute to solving major environmental problems.

Mistra's programmes cut across disciplinary boundaries, and the results are intended to find practical applications in companies, public agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Mistra provids funding for some twenty major programmes, each extending over six to eight years. All of them have the aim of building bridges, both between disciplines and between researchers and users.

The Foundation's strategy is to seek to ensure that its funds produce a threefold return: strong research environments that create value for users, asset management in support of sustainable development, and active communication to make the results known.

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