Theme 4 Support to national strategies


Theme 4 covers the national aspects of the ASTA programme. The aim is to develop tools and make assessments of various scenarios to support national strategies.

The activities are directly associated with development and implementation of national strategies in a separate sub-programme, mainly because national needs mostly are defined from other priorities and timeframes than the international. Several aspects of sustainable forestry are in focus. The importance of biomass removal from forests for acidification and eutrophication and for the assessment of interactions of atmospheric deposition of sulphur and nitrogen is a key issue of this activity. The potential for wood-ash recycling and compensatory fertilisation as a method to reduce impacts of acid deposition and biomass removal will also be a continued focus of these activities.

This theme will to a substantial degree be broadened compared the work in ASTA Phase I. In order to support the revision of the national Swedish environmental quality objectives all aspects included within the ASTA programme, acidification, nitrogen deposition and it effects, ground-level ozone and fine particles, will be considered.

Theme 4 is a basis for the different sector strategies concerning abatement of effects of air pollutants in Sweden. Of special interest is the relationship between local (urban) and regional (long-range transport) exposure.

The projects within Theme 4:

4.1 Natural acidification only

4.2 No eutrophication

4.3 Limited influence on climate

4.4 Clean air

4.5 Tools and databases

4.6 Communication of results