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14-16 October 2002, Göteborg.
1st International Workshop on Validation and Evaluation of Air Emission Inventories

Contact person for the organisation of the workshop is Åke Sjödin, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, +46 31 725 6248.
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19-22 November 2002, Göteborg.
Establishing Ozone Critical Levels II

Recent information can be found at the Workshop homepage http://.ozoneworkshop.ivl.se. Contact person: Per Erik Karlsson, +46 31 725 6207. 
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27 February, 2002
National Expert Workshop

ASTA organises a National Expert Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden, 27 February 2002. The objective of the workshop organised by ASTA is to promote understanding and mutual consensus on the state-of-the-art and possible methods concerning assessment of terrestrial effects of nitrogen and calculations of Critical Loads in Sweden. 10 to 15 experts are invited covering the areas of: effects of nitrogen on biodiversity, dynamic modelling of nitrogen and carbon cycling, and eutrophication and forest production.