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EMEP Assessment Report

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 Workshop on future needs for regional air pollution strategies  

Saltsjöbaden 2000 (pdf)

Establishing Ozone Critical Levels II, UNECE Workshop Report. Download report (pdf)

Emissions, transport, deposition and effects of base cations in relation to acidification. Report from the UNECE LRTAP workshop in Gothenburg November 2003 Download (pdf)


Atmospheric Environment volume 38, issue 15, pages 2211-2437. New methods of risk assessments for ozone impacts on vegetation. Edited by M.Ashmore, L. Emberson, P.E. Karlsson and H. Pleijel.

Introduction for ozone deposition special issue Read>>

New Directions: A new generation of ozone critical levels for the protection of vegetation in Europe Read>>

New Directions: Recent research findings may change ozone control policies Read>>

Growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies) in relation to different ozone exposure indices: a synthesis Read>>

Test of the short-term critical levels for acute ozone injury on plants —improvements by ozone uptake modelling and the use of an effect threshold Read>>

Relationships between ozone exposure and yield loss in European wheat and potato —a comparison of concentration-and flux-based exposure indices Read>>

New critical levels for ozone effects on young trees based on AOT40 and simulated cumulative leaf uptake of ozone Read>>